Monday, March 16, 2009

Dress ups!!

Maycie and Shiloh are still learning to share this is kind of how the process goes only it usually ends up with tears. If you look close you can see shiloh has a bracelett, gives it to maycie, and takes it right back. Don't they look cute playing dress-ups!

Pics as promised

Great day at the zoo! The highlight had to be Maycie on the carousel. She absolutely loved it. And Tayson loved basically everything. He said that there were a hundred thirty two poops at the giraffe's house.

Zoo Day!

We went to the zoo on Saturday and it was the perfect day. The zoo was not crowded at all and the weather was perfect. The best part of the day had to be the greek dinner my sister made for us she is the best cook ever. Pictures to come just not now cause I am at work(Dont Tell my boss I was blogging at work!)