Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what does the froggy say?

My favorite people!

These three are my favorite people on earth.

-Mike- is one of the hardest working people I know. Sometimes I'm not sure he even knows how to relax. He is also my best friend and the person I trust most in the world. I love that I don't feel afraid to tell him how I am feeling, even when I don't feel the way I am "supposed" to feel. He loves me even when I am a big huge brat and he is also not afraid to tell me when I am being a big huge brat.

-Tayson- This kid always has something to say. Always. When his mind is made up about something there is almost now way of convincing him it could be any other way. He is so smart and loves to learn. He amazes me everyday by the things he learns, the words he knows and the way his mind works. Tayson loves being a big brother to Maycie. He is so active and both of us cannot wait til the weather is nice enough for him to be able to go run circles outside.

-Maycie- What can I say about Maycie? She is like a tornado. If she has ever been at your house you understand what I mean. She can tear apart a house in about 10 seconds. She basically always is a mess even if she just had a bath. She is a daredevil and I predict she will have many future injuries. But she is also the sweatest thing and can brighten up your day with one little look, kiss or RIBBIT(post to come).

I love these guys and feel so lucky that I get to spend each day with them.