Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Picture taken at noon

Picture taken at 8 PM

Maycie Mayc had a lil accident today. I got a call at work from Mike at about 10:30 and all I heard was Maycie screaming and Mike say "Maycie is hurt come home BYE". Instant panic set in and I was home in about 3 seconds to find that Maycie had walked behind her brother while he was swinging and been knocked down HARD. We thought she may be ok and just need a love but then she started saying that she was tired and that she wanted to go to bed. When we heard that we took her straight to her Doc. Turns out she probably had a small concussion and she has one heck of a black eye but she is doing fine. It did make her sad when her cousin Shiloh saw her and ran away saying "scary Maycie, scary Maycie".