Friday, August 27, 2010

I have the Fever!!

I went to JB with my friend Alecia and it was awesome. That kid is so flippin cute and such a good preformer. We had great seats and there were about a billion people there. It took about a month for my ears to stop ringing from all the screaming(mostly coming from my)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm pretty positive these are the two radest and cutest kids around.


Since its almost time for school to start again I guess I will post about Tayson's preschool graduation. I really have no idea where his creepy smile came from maybe he was nervous? The first pic is Tayson and his two great teachers Ms. Lynn and Ms. Sylvia. Tayson learned so much this year thanks to them both, he has even started reading. The next is Tayson w/his proud lil sister.

Tayson and his new toy from dad! Makes me super nervous.

Just Mayc and one of her favorite things!

Ahh Me-hi-co!

Back in May we were lucky enough to go to Cancun! It was the best trip. We pretty much ate our hearts out, laid on the beach, ate some more, swam a little, and then ate again, every day. With a little shopping here and there of course. Mike thinks we got lost in scary Mexico for a while but I'm pretty sure we didn't. We missed the kids like crazy but it was nice to have some alone time with just the two us.