Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010!

In the middle of Christmas morning Maycie got tired of opening presents and wanted to play with her new toys. She threw a fit and yelled "I'm not opening ANY MORE PRESENTS" and went about her business playing with her new stuff until she saw Tayson open a pillow pet. Now she was very sad and cried "but I didn't get a pillow pet" We handed her a gift to open and behold a PILLOW PET! She was back in the game of opening gifts. I wanted to make the present opening part last but apparently it was a little too much for my little 3 year old. My favorite present was the portable DVD players for the car that santa brought the kids(but I think it was more for my sanity :). Maycie's favorite was a deluxe set of Barbie Princess's, Tayson's favorite was a glow in the dark drawing board and his science kit.

Friday, December 24, 2010


My baby turned SIX! Tayson's birthday party is a little hard to coordinate with all the holiday stuff going on but we had a great Pirate Party with all of his buds. There were all kind of games treats and surprises! I can't believe Tayson is 6 years old. He is ridiculously smart and it blows my mind. He loves school. Tayson is great at making friends with anyone and everyone. He likes to draw pictures and have art sales instead of lemonade sales. He definitely comes from a family of attorneys cause this boy can argue and talk his way in or out of any situation. Once Tayson's mind is made up its VERY difficult to try to convince him of any other options. He needs to understand when why how and why again. Oh and he NEVER runs out of energy.