Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Pics from Cali- I know it has been a while

I am ready to pitch a tent and live on the beach with my family forever. Chris was pretty much a trooper crowds, traffic, tired crying babies- I'm sure he was just in heaven. Thanks Lisa and Chris for letting me and Tase tag along.


Disneyland was a little crowded. I would have been happy to just spend the week at the beach but Tayson was in heaven. I love the picture of him staring up at Goofy. He loved the rides he was not scared of any of them I had no idea he was going the love the roller coasters so much. One ride he was barely a quarter inch too short so we took of his socks and rolled them up in his shoes and he was so excited to be able to go. There was a race car ride where they give you a "drivers license" and I have always told Tayson he can't drive my car cause he doesn't have his license and now he is convinced he can drive my car it has been a bit of a battle.


SeaWorld was a great day except that right when we got there at about nine when it was still a little chilly we went to see the Dolphins and they thought it would be funny to splash Shiloh and Tayson- they got soaked and for the rest of the day they were worried about getting splashed which is pretty much what everything at SeaWorld is about.


Back in APRIL(I know I am awsome at updating my blog promptly) Tayson and I went to California and we had SO much fun. There was ALOT of driving and Shiloh and Tayson did get a little agitated with the car and each other by the end of the week. Tayson absolutely loved the beach. I can totally picture him growing up and being some type of beach bum(I know high expectations coming from his mother.)


I sprained my ankle pretty bad and have had to take a break from training for the big race. Tayson was chasing me and I tripped over a metal hammock frame that came out of nowhere. Stupid- but thanks to my dad his friend from the BYU Athletic Department it has been healing very quickly.