Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tayson has got a Piggy Bank and a Mason Jar that he puts his money in to save for his mission. Well last night we put the kids to bed early(or so we though) so we could finish a movie we started on sunday night. Well about 15 minutes in we heard some noises when we went to check we found Tayson who had snuk into my purse to get my wallet and completely emptied it! It just happened that I had a bunch of cash in my wallet that day and Tayson ended up with a $100.00 bill in his piggy bank. Let me just tell you it was very hard not to laugh at the situation I wish I would have taken a picture he looked so funny stuffing all this cash into his little bank, but I didn't want him to think it was an ok thing to do.


emily said...

sneaky little bugger! (he and boo look a lot alike in that picture!) can he come over and play today?!

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

Well at least he's stealing your money for a good cause. We love Tayson!