Monday, June 2, 2008

Mesquite Baby!

I would say Mesquite could for sure be defined as the Vegas for G-ma's and G-pa's but I had a blast and I also came back $250.00 richer! My awsome sister and brother in-law watched the kids so it was just me and Mike for a whole 5 days! We went running together, ate, golfed, ate, went to the pool, ate, saw sex and the city, ate, shopped, ate, gambled, ate, slept in, did I mention we ate alot!?!?

Buffets probably my 3rd favorite thing in the world ( I take after my dad on that one). We hit the buffets atleast twice everyday and trust me I ate my $9.50 worth every time (hence the baggy shirt)!

My baby gettin a tan.

Just me standing outside the Casa Blanca. I just wanted this picture cause I love the shoes I'm wearing!


Lisa P. said...

Love the shoes!! You are so cute and hip. I am jealous of all the eating you got to do. Your pictures are great, did you get a new camera?

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

Looks fun! I like the snazzy green shoes too.

emily said...

looks like a fabulous getaway! i'm impressed at your buffet skills! oh, and i love the shoes. i love it even more that you had to get a picture of them! awesome.