Monday, March 16, 2009

Dress ups!!

Maycie and Shiloh are still learning to share this is kind of how the process goes only it usually ends up with tears. If you look close you can see shiloh has a bracelett, gives it to maycie, and takes it right back. Don't they look cute playing dress-ups!


Jessica said...

LOVE the dress ups and I totally get the sharing thing... its so funny. Addie is starting to recognize her old clothes that Eliza is wearing and she does not like it!

Lexi said...

The rock wall is at the Lehi legacy center. Theres a way fun pool too! Oh and Tayson should be getting an invitation to Josh's bday party on friday at preschool, just to let you know!

Jess said...

Hey, you need to update this thing! I have girls camp the 8-13 of June, let me know if you find a race we can run!