Friday, July 24, 2009

Letting Go

Has there ever been someone in your life who seems to always let you down? The kind of person who you really really want to change and so over and over again you put your trust in them and you give them just "one more chance" and every single time they let your down? And each time they let you down it seems to hurt more and more and it actually makes you feel pretty stupid for trusting them again? I had someone like this in my life and I use to blame myself for being so stupid to trust them and for believing what they were telling me. Well I have finally given up on them. I guess that is not a very good term since we are not supposed to "give up" unless its a bad habit which I believe in this situation it was. I will say that I have finally let go. I know lots of people say "I don't care anymore, I'm over it". Well, I really don't care anymore and its like I just feel a sense of freedom like I don't have to care anymore. So, if you have someone like this in your life I strongly suggest maybe not "giving up on them" but just "letting go"! Hope you all have a great 24TH!!



Lisa P. said...

I hear ya sis!! It is a hard thing to do, but once you get to that spot they can't hurt you anymore.

Love you!!

P.S. I can't wait for Vegas!

Janelle Carlson said...

such wisdom

Jess said...

I love you Linda! and AMEN! how is the running going?

allie kowallis said...

I'm proud of you. That's sometimes the hardest thing to realize...that someone really isn't going to change for you. It's time to let go and move on. I hope to see you soon. Lunch again?

Emily said...

Good for you, Linda! I hope your Vegas trip is a blast!

Terry EchoHawk said...

Hey - Always fun to see pics of my grandkids. Thanks for arranging for them to be with us for Island Park. Maycie was voted the best personality - just kidding. But she was such a good little girl!
Thanks for telling Chris about my request. Unfortunately I'm going to have to pass once again on his beautiful artwork. Hope all well with you. Oh - running in this high humidity is the pitts! I miss Utah for many, many reasons!
Love, Terry

Charity said...

Thank God that he never just lets us go. He never forgets us, or say's "I'll just let them go"