Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Did it!!

I have no pictures only a video of me finishing(will hook it up later) but I ran Hobble Creek Half Yesterday in one hour and fifty minutes!!!! I almost decided not to run because when Mike's work schedule got so crazy we basically stopped training but at about three on Friday afternoon I decided I for sure was going to do it. My night before race meal was three hot dogs and a bowl of cereal I'm pretty sure that third hot dog is what helped me cross the finish line! I also got to run with my cousin Jess the first few miles which was so fun!

Right after the race I had to hurry and shower so we could go to the Monster Truck Rally which was sweet! Right after that we hurried off to our Trace Adkins and Toby Keith Concert that was so so fun. I will post pictures later when I can walk to get my camera!

Thanks to Mike and the kids for coming to watch me finish!


Jess said...

You go girl, you did such a great job! Thanks for running nice and slow with me for the first half of the race!