Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010!

In the middle of Christmas morning Maycie got tired of opening presents and wanted to play with her new toys. She threw a fit and yelled "I'm not opening ANY MORE PRESENTS" and went about her business playing with her new stuff until she saw Tayson open a pillow pet. Now she was very sad and cried "but I didn't get a pillow pet" We handed her a gift to open and behold a PILLOW PET! She was back in the game of opening gifts. I wanted to make the present opening part last but apparently it was a little too much for my little 3 year old. My favorite present was the portable DVD players for the car that santa brought the kids(but I think it was more for my sanity :). Maycie's favorite was a deluxe set of Barbie Princess's, Tayson's favorite was a glow in the dark drawing board and his science kit.


Chelsea said...

good job with the update! it's about time you started blogging again!